Life is Art .....!

LIFE IS ART........

I'm a Scottish artist and I divide my time between Greece and Italy.
In 1987 I graduated with honours from Edinburgh College of Art having specialised in Gobelin Tapestry Dyeing and Papermaking. Immediately after my studies fnished , I started travelling all around Europe. Artistic research lead me to India where I gathered original natural materials for my future art works and deleloped a multi-textural technique incorporating sand, jute , gold, silver and copper leaf and natural fibres to create my artworks.

A one week holiday in the south of Italy changed my destiny as I met my partner, and didn't return home! In 1998 we discovered the island of Paxos.
Paxos became an inspirational place for my art. I had a higher level of creative energy, and a desire to explore Greece further. Delphi and Meteora also had a profound effect upon me. In 2000 I opened Pythias Gallery (Facebook)) on Paxos to show my paintings , hand made cards and jewellery. I believe that every person should have the possibility of owning an original art work. I believe that art chooses people and love creating artwork knowing that will find it's own home.
My greatest delight is when collectors of my work tell me of the emotionally uplifting effect my work has on them and their environment.
There is no printing involved in my work , just real art for real people!

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